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Hello, Hola!
Welcome to Lolo Leo
where we play, learn and celebrate in spanish and english!

Spanish Playschool

Our Bilingual Playschool will be held in a multi-age classroom inviting for your little lions to learn, explore and play with a schedule that is best for you and them! 

Inspired by different methodologies, we teach little ones at their own pace and time, with a bilignual led curriculum

promoting well-being, imagination and creativity in a welcoming learning space. 


Lolo Leo has been created by our family for yours! 

Having a family half Spanish (Spain) & half American, we wanted a cute space for our children to be able to play and learn while still hearing both languages. 

We want Lolo Leo to feel like a club where you and your children can learn in different ways through crafts and play.

Our classes are led in both Spanish and English to highlight other areas of learning while language learning.

Art, craft and interactive classes are offered in the mornings and afternoons.

We also organize special events and birthday parties!

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