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  • Do you offer "drop-off" birthday parties?
    Yes (!!!) After having planned and hosted many children's birthday parties, we understand that it is most convenient for parents and children to be dropped off for celebrations. We allow drop off bday parties for up to 15 children for no extra rate. Parents and siblings of birthday child are welcome to stay.
  • Can I sign up for more than one class?
    Yes and a discount will be applied! Let us know which classes or playgroups you would like to enroll in and we will apply a 10% discount.
  • Is Spanish spoken in every class?
    We do make all of our classes bilingual for learning purposes. By speaking both English and Spanish, your child creates an "ear" for both and will begin absorbing more and more vocabulary. Important. You do not need to have any prior understanding of Spanish to attend our classes.
  • Where is the best place to park?
    We share a parking lot with the WELLS FARGO bank and PAOLI LIBRARY. Enter from Darby Rd. From there you can walk through the small alley way or around the building on the sidewalk. You can also enter via S Valley Rd through our patio or around the building to main entrance.
  • Do you have an outdoor space?
    Yes, we have a garden patio that we love to use for outdoor classes and celebrations.
  • What age groups do you offer classes for?
    LIL LEOS PLAY GROUP (tuesday+thursday) ages 3-5 yrs STORY & SONGS SPANISH (monday+wednesday) ages 1-4+yrs WILD ART & PLAY (monday+wednesday) ages 2-4 yrs These are recommended age groups based on the style of class.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    If your child is sick and unable to attend class, we will do our best to allow a make up on another date. However this is only possible if the classes are not at full capacity.
  • Can I enroll in a semester class at anytime?
    Yes! If you decide to enroll in our semester class later than start date, you will be pro-rated for the total amount.
  • Do you offer Kids Camps?
    Yes! We will offer indoor and outdoor camps during spring and summer break. Please call us at 435 571 6840 for specific dates and prices.
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